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    How to test heat sink can meet TDP requirement?




      I wonder How to test my thermal solution can meet cpu TDP requirement?

      I am now using TAT to test CPU Thermal condition.(mobile CPU skylake U type)

      To let CPU power consumption meet TDP I choose TDP workload for my test loading.

      But  the "package power"  is lower than SKU's TDP.

      I find that Graphic frequency is  about 350MHZ.

      When I change the graphic frequency setting to "No Limit".

      The graphic frequency will up to 950MHZ and package power is near TDP level.

      So below are my questions:

      1.What is the standard to test CPU thermal condition?

      2.If question 1 answer is choosing TDP workload for loading.Do I need to change graphic frequency to let package power approach TDP?



      Thank you!