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    Bunch of DP55KG questions from new owner


      Hi I have  few questions:

      1. I have a i5 750 2.67 processor and Corsair xmp 1600 ddr3 2gb dual channel (4gb total) memory and it is recording 1333. I went in to change the profile to xmp and it did switch the memory frequency to 1602, but it also made my processor speed slower. Is this normal? If i try and turn up the 160 (forget what its called but that # that changes multiple variables) to get my processor speed back up to 2.67 ghz, it overclocks the memory. Is this ok? Should I worry about the processor speed? Right now its running on the xmp 1600 profile that was in there and I didnt make any other changes
      2. I upgraded my fans to quiet 1200 rpm ones and changed the type from 4 pin to 3 pin in the bios. I read that 3 pin does not have fan control?! Is this true? I think I read that 4 pin is PWM and 3 pin can use voltage speed control. Can you tell me if the 3 pin is still using the onboard fan speed controller, and are the recorded speeds accurate?
      3. Are there any good places to tell me how to overclock my dp55kg and i5 750 chip specifically? I've read in reviews that the dp55kg and 750 is good matchup for overclocking up to 4Ghz, but I've yet to see how to do it. Although I'm comfortable going into the bios and changing things, I am not very interested in learning the hobby side of overclocking and I've never overclocked in the past. I have looked into general overclocking a bit but I find it so overwhelming that I dont have the inclination to study it - there is a pretty steep learning curve. I just want to do a safe overlcock (3.5-3.75ghz?!) and forget about it. I have a corsair H50 cpu cooler and very good cooling in my case, so I think I have the basics covered. Is anyone willing to help me with this, on or offline? I basically just need to know what settings to change.
      4. I bought a intel ssd drive as my main drive. Should I put it in the blue sata slots, or just sata0? I have a feeling the blue sata are for raid only? I did buy a sata 3.0 cable for the ssd to take advantage of the speed. Anything else I should know about SSD installation?!
      5. Can the usb port near the processor function as a normal usb port, or is that for updates or special features? I've run out of interal headers so it'd be nice to have one more.


      Thanks ahead of time for any replies.

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          1. do the math and set the BCLK and the memory multiplier to result in the memory speed (= BCLK * mem-multi) your RAM is "made for", in this case 1600.

          2. just try it

          3. see 1.

          4. doesn't make a difference. install with ahci enabled using intel drivers (load them at setup stage)

          5. see product guide / technical reference

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            Bump for more answers..

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              three pin fans will work just fine and the motherboard can both read the speed and control the speed. 4 pin fans just use a PWM controller. three pin fans dont.


              I have yet to find a good OC guide myself.


              but I can help you a bit.


              turn your memory down as low as you can.

              turn off :

              Turbo mode

              speed step.

              and the cpu throttle adjustment should be set for high performance. ( says it will lock the multiplier)

              the cpu volt thing I forget what its called at high performance also.(low vdroop)


              turn off or disable everything you dont need like onboard audio and usb ports you dont absolutely need while doing your clocking.


              then bump your base clock up in small increments ( i use 5mhz at a time) till system becomes unstable.

              then raise your cpu voltage till it becomes stable again

              rinse and repeat ( all the time watching your memory as it will climb as your base clock climbs. and you may have to bump the memory voltage up some and the uncore when needed)


              once you get the cpu at a speed you want  then do the same with the memory.  but its a little different since you can only change the multiplier.  raise memory volts till stable  or you think you have them high enough and memory still isnt stable then its time to raise the uncore volts in small increments till system is stable.


              be sure and run what ever software you like such as prime95 memtest etc.. to check stability.


              if you go slow and easy you can play around with it untill you get used to it and never hurt anything. its people who make huge jumps instead of small advances that get in trouble and damage their equipment.


              hope this helps and good luck.


              ps: my i5-750 @ 4.0 cpu volts @1.36  memory @ 1600 memory volts @ 1.65 and uncore @1.35 volts