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    Intel Thropy Leaderboard can lead to WoT players death or health injuries!


      Good evening Intel!


      Can You please stop this event which You made together with Wargaming company, the owners of World of tanks game?

      This event has abnormal rules forcing players to play World of tanks 24/7, 2 weeks duration, with potential danger to their health because there is no time restriction and those abnormal rules are forcing players to play this game like a bots or robots, using abnormal, unfair game play style, botting, account sharing, cheating which is illegal in WoT game.Your Event made angry all normal players and customers of WoT game and Intel products cause they can't take part in this event cause they work and live normal lives, they can't play in event where is no time frame, where You must play illegal 24/7 to get in the leaderboard.And tension in WoT community is rising.You can lose many customers who are angry because they can't take part in Your event because abnormal event rules.

      Top 3 leaders are playing non-stop already 7th day.7 days 24/7.7 days they don't sleep.You can try to register Guiness record.I hope nobody will die because event finishes only in 6 April.All what they want is Your i7 processors.If anybody will die at the end of this abnormal event then Your good name will be disgraced with death accidents by non-stop playing worldoftanks game 24/7 in this Intel Trophy Leaderboard event in hope to get Your i7 processors.

      Please react on Wargaming and STOP this event before someone die or stay angry on Your company.Let Wargaming restart this event with normal rules which can be accepted with all loyal Intel and Wargaming customers.