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    USB key size?




      I am attempting to burn a new ISO on my Intel Aero RTF (new). I used Etcher to burn the ISO from Intel site onto a Sandisk 64GB USB key. When I put the key in my powered USB 3.1 hub and boot into the BIOS, the Boot Manager does not know that I have a USB key inserted in the hub. It doesn't appear in the boot menu. Is 64GB too big for the BIOS to recognize?


      FYI, the USB hub seems to work fine with the Aero. The keyboard and mouse are working as expected thru the hub and the Aero boots up fine normally. I just can't "see" the 64GB USB key.




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          Hello Michael,

          Thank you for your interest in the Intel Aero drone. 

          Is the USB key a 3.0 device? If so, try with a 2.0 USB key and if the issue still persists also try using a 2.0 USB hub. 


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            Thanks for the advice. It is a 3.0 device. I did wind up finding an old 2.0 8GB drive and used that with the same image. It worked great! They should probably add that to the Getting Started instructions.