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    Update to 3/27 bios on DH55HC fails


      I've been happily using my Intel pc for many weeks. today using the intel website driver utility, I updated my motherboard bios to 3/27.  It showed the bios screens during the bios update showing flash updates with no error messages.  However after rebooting it fails to do anything, expect power on then off (twice), then just stay on with no video what so ever.  I only see the (video) bios screens when I set the bios jumper to configuration.  recovery or normal jumper settings do nothing(no video from the bios whatsoever, and it doesn't boot.  I've tried setting bios jumper to recovery with cd-rom and .bio file with no luck, as well as thumbdrive.  I have also tried removing battery, had to reset clock, and still no luck.  This is a new board.  Any suggestions?

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          Pretty much all the possible troubleshooting has been done, at this point you may need to check that the processor and memory installed comply with the specifications for the motherboard in order to check for a possible compatibility issue. Other than that, try a BIOS recovery with an older version and test setting defaults when you boot the the BIOS using the BIOS jumper on the maintenance or configuration mode

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            Thanks. I called the intel support line and Maurice successfully got my board up and running with the 3/27 bios update.  What I had to do was set the jumper on the motherboard to "configuration" and the bios then came up in maintenance mode and then I hit F9 to load what I think is factory defaults for the board.  When I set the jumper back to "normal", I then had video and could finally see the POST, the bios screens, and the system then booted just fine.  Not sure what config I had that was a problem, but it wasn't a problem on the previous bios.   It's all working, thanks so much for the patience and help.