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    RAM for i5-8400


      Hello guys!

      Right now I have i5-7400 with ram 2400 MHz summary 16 Gb. And I want upgrade to i5-8400. In Intel Ark we can see i5-8400 computable with ram 2666 MHz. So, if I’ll upgrade to i5-8400, need to upgrade ram for 2666 MHz? or i5-8th gen will work with ram 2400 MHz?

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          The DRAM speed rating that Intel provides represents the highest speed that Intel validates and warrants will work. All lower speeds are similarly warranted to work without issue. As well, this does not mean that higher speeds will not work; they could but Intel has simply chosen to not validate or warrant operation at these speeds.


          Note: Whether a particular DRAM speed will work on a particular board is also dependent upon the design of that board and the quality of the components used on that board as well as the design of the DRAM DIMMs and the quality of the components used on those DIMMs.


          Bottom line, the DIMMs you have should work just fine with the proposed processor.


          Note: In order for a particular processor to be used, it must be socket, board and BIOS compatible. Before attempting substitution, consult the documentation for your board for processor compatibility information. If you cannot locate this information, consult your board manufacturer for this information.


          Hope this helps,


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            Dear friend!

            thank you! you detail answered my question, so that I have not left questions. Yes, of course I buy another socket. can be z370, or a little wait and buy н370 or of a series of В.