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    NUC7i7BNB problem with ® Optane™ Memory


      i've just bought a 32gb opthane memory card, for too be used on my new nuc. My nuc model is "NUC7i7BNB and i updated to  latest bios version which is "BNKBL357.86A.0062.2018.0222.1644" a im using it with a 200gb sata drive.
      the only problem is that it boots window 10 only if the chipset SATA option is set to AHCI, if i set to Intel Optane it looks for other media but doesn't see my hard drive nor boots to windows.
      With this problem i can't neither install the optane memory software, as when i try to do this i get error. "Bios configuration not supported, and not compatible with optane memory"

      my bios is  for AHCI, to boot into Windows.  its installed all drivers recommended by intel. really dissapointing that intel do not provide an easy way for this to be installed onto their own mini pcs.