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    e6600 wolfdale cores temp difference



      i bought a new E6600 Wolfdale  to put on one of my system

      i got strange temp difference between both core

      idle     core 0  @40c  core 1 @32c
      100%  core 0  @50c core 1 @44c

      why is there 6 to 8c between cores,  I reinstall the cooler just to  be sure,  of course i will adjust me cooler fan speed faster to get  lower idle temp, but my question still why that much temp diff ?

      I have old e6600 Conroe and temp diff are kindof 2c
      i used pc wizard  for temp.



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          The reason for the difference is because core 0 tends to be more active than core 1, the reason is even at 100% load core 1 will not always be utilized by the same amount as core 0...

          What can also have an effect is the positioning of the temp readers, but i doubt that is the reason...