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    Error connecting qgroundcontrol when running aero ubuntu



      I could connect and calibrate my controller when running yocto but now that I have moved to ubuntu 16.04 I am getting an error. When I try to connect qgroundcontrol on my phone (running 3.3.5) or laptop (running latest build).I get the following error:


      QGroundControl was unable to retrieve the full set of parameters from the vehicle. "
        "This will cause QGroundControl to be unable to display its full user interface. "
        "If you are using modified firmware, you may need to resolve any vehicle startup errors to resolve the issue. "

        "If you are using standard firmware, you may need to upgrade to a newer version to resolve the issue."


      I have done all the bios firmware fc and fpga updates. bios: 1.00.13, ubuntu 16.04.4 FPGA 0x2c AeroFC 1.6.5,


      Is there something I am missing or is there a particular version of qgroundcontrol I should be using?