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    Intel I219-LM Network adapter not sending traffic


      Hello all,


      We have Lenovo desktops on site each installed with an Intel I219-LM Network adaptor. We are finding that over a period of time the computer stops sending network traffic though it continues to receive it (verified with Windows task manager / Ethernet performance within Windows and an output from the network switch showing interface statistics.) During this period of inactivity, the computer will not receive an IP address from DHCP and configures itself with a 169.x address.


      Troubleshooting has included a shutdown / restart of the PC, connecting to a separate network infrastructure with different hardware, updating driver files and configuring a static IP. Performing any of these actions does not fix the issue.


      Today, I installed the latest driver version from the intel site (23.1) and performed a restart and still there was no resolution. I then performed diagnostics from the Intel software:

      • Cable test passed sucessfully
      • Hardware test failed on loopback test (s).


      I then performed one final test: I shutdown the PC, pulled out the power cable and waited a few minutes. I then reinserted the power cable and turned on the computer and now the NIC is working as expected. It is now sending traffic and received an IP address from DHCP.

      I then found other computers of the same model with this issue and repeated the power cable removal steps and they are now working as expected also.


      Is there anyone who could advise on this behaviour or has experienced it before? We have other computers including different Lenovo models on site using different Intel cards and they do not seem to have this issue so at this time we think it could be unique to the Intel I219-LM Network adapter.


      Kind Regards,


      Phillip Noret