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    Realsense SR300 Depth Issues




      My SR300 realsense camera has strange 'flashes' of depth in its depth stream. Essentially it looks as though the entire scene lights up, depth wise, for exactly 1 frame and then reverts back to normal. Is the camera defective?

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          Are you using the camera in a location with fluorescent lights such as ceiling strip lights please?  Unlike bulb based lights, the gas in these lights flickers at a rate hard to see with the human eye and can disturb a depth image.

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            Hello pbal44, 

            Marty G is totally right about his statement, the issue could be related to the location fluorecent lights. 

            Additionally, Have you connected the camera to a different computer? Have you used the camera in other ocations with no problems? Have you tested the camera in a different enviroment? 

            Please clarify this questions in order for us to have a better understanding of your issue. 

            Best Regards, 
            Juan N. 

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              Thank you all for your help. I will check to see if there was florescent lightning present where I was filming. Thank you for your prompt replies once again!