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    IPMI tool on dellpoweredge



      I am new to IPMI and servers. I am using intel ipmitool .. but while doing that im getting following error:

      Timeout waiting for IBF to clear before sending write start. Error sending command to BMC.


      I have spent a week on this but no clue.. could anyone please help me to get rid of this.



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          hi Krish,


          quick question: how you sending IPMI commands via IPMI tool ? either IB or OOB?


          below is the protcol to send via OOB:

          #ipmitool -H <BMC ip Address> -I lanplus -U root -P superuser shell

          ipmitool > sdr     # it will display the SDR values/settigs

          ipmitool > raw 06 01  # it will respod with device Id.


          Let me know if you have any questions.



          for IB:


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            Hi Kamal,

            Thanks for ur reply.


            In the documentation of IPMI tool there are some commands like : IPMITOOL 20 18 1 --> to know HSC version number .

            * IPMITOOL -if isa_smm C0 18 1 --> to know mBMC number etc..


            I dont know whether those commands are IB or OOB.


            As you cited "ipmitool -H <BMC ip Address> -I lanplus -U root -P superuser shell" i dont know BMC ip adress . How can i know that i.e., is there any command like ipconfig.


            As per my knowledge the commands i used doesnt involve any BMC ip address , so they are inband , am i right..


            Operating system im using is windows2003 server.


            One more doubt is while working with IPMI , user should have admin previleges ?? or otherwise also work.


            Please correct me if my interpretation is not proper.




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              Hi Krish,


              Looks like you are using windows based IPMITool and sending command via InBand..

              I have worked only on linux based IPMITOOL not on windows based.


              If you badly want to check the BMC response, use Ipmiutil tool [The source license is BSD]


              BTW, one correction: IPMITOOL 20 18 1  -> will fetch you the "Device ID of the BMC not the HSC device ID"


              Ans#2 :

              To enable LAN access to BMC, you can use below command sequence [You can also enable via BIOS setup aswell]

              Note: below i have used cmd tool[dos based]. which will be distributed along with intel systems.
              ENABLE LAN ACCESS TO BMC :

              cmdtool 20 18 01

              cmdtool 20 30 02 01 04 00 00 (Get lan ip source)

              cmdtool 20 30 01 01 04 01 ( Set static ip)

              cmdtool 20 30 01 01 03 <IP address in hex>

              cmdtool 20 30 01 01 06 <sube net mask>

              cmdtool 20 30 01 01 0c <gate way>

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                Also, specific to Windows-based IPMI tools, there is a difference between the Intel and the Microsoft IPMI driver.  They often prevent each other from working, if both happen to be installed.