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    "NVMe command reported a problem" during format of Intel Optane(TM) SSD


      Hi Team,


      Tried to format a new SSD of  "Intel Optane(TM) SSD DC P4800X Series PHKE7361007A375AGN connected in DAS mode in a PCIE slot.

      with 4k with ssd tool , Intel_SSD_Data_Center_Tool_3.0.10_Linux  . But seeing issue "NVMe command reported a problem".

      Although show command works fine.


      operating system:

      [root@dhcp ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation release 7.0 (Maipo)

      [root@dhcp ~]#


      [root@dhcp ~]#isdct start -o json -intelssd 0 -nvmeformat LBAFormat=2 SecureEraseSetting=1

      WARNING! You have selected to format the drive!

      Proceed with the format? (Y|N): Y

      Formatting...(This can take several minutes to complete)


      "Intel Optane(TM) SSD DC P4800X Series PHKE7361007A375AGN":


      "Status":"NVMe command reported a problem."



      NVMe command reported a problem


      Please help me with the issue.