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    More Bluetooth 5 features need to be introduced.....



      I currently use a Lenovo Yoga 910 which had a Qualcomm wireless card pre-installed (I don't know which one). But I experienced too many dropped connections while browsing, which is why I decided to try Intel AC-8265. I loved the performance and reliability, which is why I bought a newer version, Intel AC-9260 mainly because it had Bluetooth 5. Everything worked fine, but I feel like it wasn't a bang for the buck because I don't really know what to do with Bluetooth 5 on Windows. I currently own a Samsung S8 which has Bluetooth 5 and I can do really cool things with it, like playing audio on two speakers at once. I really wish there would be a similar feature on Windows which can do that. After all, I believe that's the beauty of Bluetooth 5. Intel should introduce a new Bluetooth driver designed for Bluetooth 5 wireless cards which would introduce these features. It's about time they do that because more and more devices are starting to integrate Bluetooth 5. However, if there is a feature like that on Windows, can anyone tell me how to use it? Please reply if you agree or have a solution. Thanks.


      -Sahil K