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    What CPU's can I upgrade to from 6th Gen i3?


      Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 3650 Desktop and I'm looking to upgrade my Processor. Can anyone help me find one that'll work with my PC? I'd like an i7 but I have some questions. I'm attaching the info from CPU-z at the bottom. My questions are, can I upgrade my CPU to i7? Does it have to be the same 6th Gen? Can I install a 7th or 8th Gen? It's a Socket 1151 LGA. How many i7 Cores? (Quad Core?) Does it have to be the same Watt? CPU-z says Max TDP 51.0W and the i7's online say 91W. What about Core Voltage and Technology? (14nm). What about Intel Graphics? I have Intel HD 530 and the 6th Gen i7's online say HD 530. I would like an upgrade from that if I can. (like Intel HD 4000.) Here's my specs from CPU-Z...


      Intel Core i3 6100 @ 3.70GHz


      Mac TDP 51.0W

      Socket 1151 LGA

      Technology 14nm

      Core Voltage 1.792 V

      Family 6

      Ext Family 6

      Model E

      Ext Model 5E

      Stepping 3

      Revision R0

      Mainboard Dell Inc. 0C2XKD A00


      Skylake PCH

      GPU Intel HD Graphics Board Manuf. 0x1028 (0x06F7