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    Mobile GMA 965 Express on TP R61e and XP: Reproducible BSOD on second user login - ideas?


      Hi there!


      For some years I own a ThinkPad R61e laptop, and I get a reproducible blue-screen both with the Lenovo and with the stock drivers and the Intel GMA 965 Express. In my case, I

      • use Windows XP
      • just use an external display
      • have a multi-user system


      The crash occurs when logging in using the graphical user switching, and another user has been logged in already and is active - i.e. upon login of the second user. The driver seems to keep around a display profile for each user separately, and when changing the user the display driver seems to set the modes and display properties various times with a few seconds interval. During one of the mode sets, I get a BSOD. I would be happy with any of the following solutions


      1. Fix this initialization so that it does not crash (I can provide BSOD details if required) - but maybe it's some kind of hardware bug when frequently changing modes.
      2. Set the desktop video mode once at startup and keep it fixed for all users. Essentially, this would mean per-machine profiles instead of per-user profiles. This would just get rid of the re-initialization.
      3. Or keep the per-user profiles, but just not re-init the video card when newly logging in and the new users' display profiles (i.e. display activity, position & resolution) exactly matches the currently logged in users' profile.


      2. or 3. seems most viable and practical due to the old hardware. Any ideas whether this is doable with the most recent GMA 965 driver?


      Thanks in advance!