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    Intel compute stick STK1AW32SC blue led on but no display


      After months of leaving my stick for rest, I decided to use it today to watch some movies by connecting it to my TV. Since I haven't powered on it for some time, there are some auto Windows 10 updates running in the background. And at the same time I think it would be good I update the stick to the latest BIOS and drivers. Nightmare came after I started express BIOS installation of version 0040 BIOS. At the end of the express install, it prompted me to restart. When I click restart, there was no display after boot up, blue LED is still on.


      After multiple attempts to force shut down and restart, no sign of display through anything, neither my TV or my monitor. Can't believe this is the 2nd stick got bricked by itself (first one was 1st gen stick STCK1A32WFC). And it is already over a year since I bought this device. There was a staff for my previous stick issue who seemed helpful to check on my issue, only to tell me in the end my warranty has ended there was nothing much they can do about this.


      This is ridiculous coming from a giant corp, no wonder they can't capture any mobile and IOT market, they can't even get the compute stick issue free.