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    X48 and 16 GB RAM (DDR2)


      I have an old DFI board that uses the Intel x48 express chip-set.


      I have come across some old posts claiming that some of these boards with x48

      can actually run 16 GB (DDR3) ram.


      x48 and LGA775 *does* support 16GB of RAM - Overclock.net - An Overclocking Community


      Nice upgrade for X48 system - Hardware Canucks


      Is this the case for the dd2 supported ram of this chip-set?
      I have not been able to get is verified.


      I still use this old board and bumping up the ram (second hand purchase)

      would be a nice.


      Officially on the Intel dx48 ocumentation I have seen it is written max supported ram 8 GB.

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          I would recommend that you check the DataSheet for the Intel(R) X48 Express Chipset, here is the URL: https://www.intel.com/Assets/PDF/datasheet/319122.pdf


          Supported memory details below:


          System Memory Interface

          — One or two channels (each channel consisting of 64 data lines)

          — Single or Dual Channel memory organization

          — DDR3-/1333/1066/800 frequencies

          — Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) DDR memory support at

          1600 MHz

          — Unbuffered, non-ECC DDR3 DIMMs

          — Supports 1-Gb, 512-Mb DDR3 technologies for x8 and x16


          — 8 GB maximum memory


          I hope this helps,

          Ronny G