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    Holes in Depth Stream (RealSense ZR300)



         I am using Intel Real sense ZR300 camera for my 3D reconstruction application. I am getting a lot of holes in the depth stream even when the camera is pointed towards a flat wooden surface(even worse with complicated shapes). The images are attached below. Due to these holes in the depth stream, I get very poor point clouds. I have following questions regarding this:

      1. Do these holes seem normal, or is there something wrong with my device?

      2. is there a method to process the depth stream such that the holes in the stream are filled before the point clouds can be generated?

      3. What is advisable? filling the holes in the depth stream or filling them in the generated point clouds in 3D?




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          Looking at your images, and the fox one in particular, it looks as though the main cause of the depth disruption is the strength of the light source and reflections from glossy / metal surfaces.  When there is a very strong light source like the one behind your fox, the camera's IR emitter component (a component that aids the IR sensor with exposure) can get saturated and cause those large black areas.


          The cameras have trouble coping with reflective surfaces at the best of times, but a strong light source casting onto them will increase this problem further, as evident by how the metal stool is a bunch of black lines.


          Your options for improving the image include:


          1.  Turn off the IR emitter component with scripting.


          Re: Intel RealSense R200 Noisy Depth Map


          2.  Move your scanning location to a place where the light source is not as strong and there are less reflective surfaces around the object being scanned.