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    DG43NB and SYBA-SiI3132 PCI-e Cards




      I have bought two DG43NB boards - especially because of the many PCI-e slots and am currently having a lot of issues with it. The most pressing one is that I am trying to use it with a SYBA SY-PEX40015 Card (has a SiI3132-chip). The Motherboard has been flashed to latest Bios (86A.0104.2010.0122.1624), the SYBA-card to latest (SiI3132_r7702.bin).


      When booting I am supposed to be shown the RAID-Bios of the sii3132-based card which never happened when I cold boot. (I have enabled the show expansion card text in the Bios security section). Sometimes (1 out of 10 tries) the card is found without me changing anything to the setup or the settings. I have tried about anything I could think of (changed the slot in which the card is plugged in, with attached drives - without) and I have used the very same card in another PC to check if there was a problem with the controller (worked perfectly on an ASUS board). Also I have a SiI3124 based card which also works well with the DG43NB.

      As the card is here and sometimes not I guess it might be an overlap of resources during boot up (with the ICH10-controlles SATA-connectors perhaps?) but as the bios does not seem to have a "PnP-Bios" setting and just gives me very limited options about the onboard devices, my options are limited. It will be - keep the board (and trash the controller) or the opposite.


      Did anybody encounter the same problems?

      Thank you and regards