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    NUC Skull Canyon is overheating, CANT USE


      I have the NUC6i7KYK Skull Canyon mini pc, and the temps are way too hot for use.
      I am noticing sluggish and interrupted displays and graphics.


      The NUC was operating at semi-safe temps previously, connected to a flat panel tv:
      Resolution was 1366x600 or something close to that, With BIOS cooling set to COOL, instead of BALANCED, and slight increment in fan settings to keep under 80c.

      This was ideal for everyday use to watch youtube. And fan was loud and annoying.
      During these settings, anytime using 4K video or Gaming, temps maxed out at 100c, which is the temp limit, so i'm sure they went well beyond 100c and would not use gaming what-so-ever, nor high def videos.

      So pretty much useless along the lines of graphics or gaming.


      My issues are now severe, as my TV died and I got a 4K tv, and there is no possible way to use the NUC, without fan on full blast and even then, it is still maxed out 100c.

      Need a viable cooling solution...