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    Windows 2016   Thunderbolt 2 Driver Software


      Thunderbolt support for Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2016




      i have managed to install on windows 2016 the thunderbolt 2 software using ORCA.exe and changing the LaunchCondition..

      During installation of the thunderbolt driver software asks wether or not to install the unsigned driver software and i choose install,

      it finishes and the program is loaded and can be confirmed in > uninstall programs listed as Thunderbolt Software.

      i then check c drive > Intel folder and in there is the thunderbolt software folder.

      I then check program filesx86 > Intel folder  and there also is the thunderbolt folder with the software and drivers installed correctly.

      I then check system 32 > drivers  folder + FileRepository folder and all the thunderbolt drivers installed correctly and are there everything went perfect.


      HOWEVER in device manager my thunderbolt PCIe card still has no drivers , it has a yellow excalamation and if I try to point to any of the drive locations where the drivers are it will not load them.


      can someone please help me understand why ? I believe that this is because he drivers are unsigned in combination with windows 2016 and even though it gave me the option to install the unsigned drivers and the drivers are where they should be, I believe it actually did not install them correctly or they dont have enough permissions maybe



      any help is appreciated thanks

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          Al Hill

          Your problems are because this is UNSUPPORTED.


          Any assistance from the forum would be SUPPORT, and what you are doing is UNSUPPORTED. Server 2012 R2 and 2016 are UNSUPPORTED.


          Read post #14 in the link you provided.



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            ok its UNSUPPORTED I get it it thanks for your reply though.


            i am after support even from you Al (: to install a unsigned driver in windows 2016, I am sure besides my thunderbolt that there are other users who have other software who use windows server on older systems who will also need to know this for something other than thunderbolt software. Look it would be great to put a thunderbolt 3 card in my z820 but I can’t, and upgrading to a new HP workstation well I can’t , and using windows 10 for business which installs the thunderbolt software the same way well i Can’t .


            So my only option is to get this running at least to test it !

            just because it’s unsopported does not mean it won’t function perfectly !


            i will get it running “ And then determine if it’functions correctly” as soon as I figure out the way around the unsigned driver in windows 2016.


            Al  I am sure you know a way that can atleast help me test this PLEASE

            any help is appreciated

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              Al Hill

              Read post #14 in the link you provided.


              It is difficult enough dealing with hardware and software and operating systems that are supported.  Providing a hack to get your situation to work would be SUPPORT and that is how other users would interpret it.  Then, it would be assumed that this forum provides support for these hacks.


              Sorry, but you will have to find such a hack somewhere else.



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                Hi Al


                sorry but I disagree that hack is the word that should be used as the support I am after.


                when the USA hack Iran’s nuclear program or when a hospital is hacked then that is hacking, there are plenty of older systems like mine that get forgotten about by greedy companies who have no idea what it’s like to not be able to keep up with modern technology due to funds resources and are the people whom have to suffer because other people won’t help them and can’t find the line between hacking and true support. I am not trying to ask anyone to do anything other then help me run a program on a system that can handle it.

                Why are you pointing the finger at me ? Why aren’t you saying to yourself WHY has Intel not spent time on signing the software when people need it, or why block it because it hasn’t been tested ? What’s the point if it works it works if not then not there are thousands or drivers that people have to use from older versions to get there hardware to work. Or is everyone just meant to throw there equipment in the bin each year and upgrade at intels flow.



                anyway Al this problem has been around for many versions of Windows for poor people and we always find a way


                But a hack i I am not after , I am after the boat that left me behind to swim on my own in a deep ocean INTEL !

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                  Al Hill

                  Did you read post #14 in the link you provided?  I have asked that question 3 times now, and you still have not provided an answer.


                  And, do not go off into political issues - this is your only warning on that.

                  And, do not go down the path of socioeconomic issues.  This forum is not the place for that.  Have you read the house rules?


                  We may disagree on the term hack, but that is what it is.



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                    yes I read post 14 and I understand it.



                    sorry for my manners.



                    i don’t want help to hack this and I don’t want to waste my time or energy hacking anything ever.


                    I just need help to understand why I can now install the thunderbolt software which installs the drivers but the PCIe card is still without a driver in device manager???