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    Consumer m.2 optane double sided, x4 lane


      Intel Previews Optane Enterprise M.2 SSD - so intel made p4801x, m.2 22110 which will not fit in a laptop because most laptops (99.99999%) are 2280 form factor.


      these SSD uses full 7 channels and x4 pcie lane, double sided for close to 400GB and close to desktop U.2 P4800x performance, while laptop we get the pathetic optane 800p which is limited to x2 lanes and 600MB/s sequential write, single sided and max at 120GB, very disappointing.


      when will we see a DOUBLE SIDED, 4-7+ channel optane memory with x4 3.0 pcie lanes on a m.2 2280 for a fast optane SSD?