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    OpenGL & Video Acceleration on XP GMA500 version UL11L?  Please answer...


      I have a MID with the slower & less common UL11L version of the GMA 500.  I am running XP on my MID and won't be able to run Windows 7.

      Therefore is there any XP driver supporting OpenGL that works on this version of the GMA500?  Will there be?
      Is there any way to enable video acceleration with this UL11L version of the GMA500? Will there be?



      Background info:

      With the newest XP drivers on this site, there is no OpenGL support included.  OpenGL programs won't run at all. 

      The IEGD XP drivers that many people discuss in relation to the GMA500 support OpenGL but don't work on this chipset (only the more common US15/US15W version).

      With the latest driver, when I try to run a video file in DXVA using Media Player Classic-HomeCinema, my MID bluescreens.  Also when I try to use flash 10.1b3, the flash plugin and browser just crashes (even if just SD video).  Earlier versions of flash are very choppy because they don't engage accelerations.