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    SAS Drive No Longer Visible-Need Low Level Format


      I installed 4 8tb HGST drives and attached to a SAS9300-8I controller. I fired up the system and formatted the drives. When I rebooted I was asked if I wanted to combine the drives into a RAID volume. I said yes and was warned that the drivers would be converted to a ????. I said go ahead and built a RAID volume consisting of the four drives. Then my motherboard died and after replacing it the drives were no longer visible. I downloaded every tool, driver, aid I could find and they were not there. I am sure it was the result of RST  converting the drives to some other type. I have had this problem with SATA drives and was able to do a low level format to correct the problem. The issue is that I have no way to access the drives to perform a low level format. Anyone know where I can get these drives low level formatted. I talked to some drive recovery folks and they had no idea what I was talking about and said they would be happy to charge me lots of money to see if they could recover my data, of which I already have a backup. I have a lot of money tied up in the drives and controller and they are now sitting on the shelf in my office.