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    Core m3 Compute Stick - Win 10 Pro - 0.39ghz cpu speed




      Just got a compute stick and am having trouble with its speed under windows 10. It's a STK2M364CC.


      I've attached a screenshot - it is running the latest bios but the clock speed is stuck on 0.39ghz and the cpu usage won't go above 30pc.


      I tried formatting it and installed lubuntu and it works fine - putting win 10 back on there brings back the same issue.


      First time I've come across something like this so I'm a bit stumped. Reading around suggests intel thermal throttling but I don't seem to be able to do anything with it. I have a core m3 tablet so I know what sort of performance I should be expecting from this chipset but this is nowhere near it.


      Any ideas would be much appreciated