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    How do I start the basic ML501 course ?


      I had signed up and wanted to start the ML501 basic course. Some questions :-


      1. Is it an online video based course ?

      2. I had downloaded the zip file from the link of curse outline. In this folder, there is a pdf file, among others.  Is the entire course pdf based ?

      3. I had already signed up joined the Intel AI Academy. When I clicked on the "Get Started" link beneath the "ML 501" course banner, it leads me to the "Machine Learning 501 course" page, yet the "Join" button is still being offered to me to join the course. This web site appears to be NOT aware that I had in fact already completed the registration and joined the course !!  If I click "Join" button again, I will be offered to fill up the form and re-join the course. This will just loops again and again and it is confusing.

      4. I just want to know how can I start the basic course.


      Appreciate your answers and assistance.