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    Need help with Toolbox 1.3 and Windows 7 x64


      Hi all, hope you can help me.  I've got an X25-M 160GB SSD running the latest firmware on a machine running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.  I recently uninstalled version 2.5 of the Intel SSD Toolbox and installed version 1.3  The toolbox will not launch any longer.  In task manager it shows the processing started for the barest of moments then disappearing like it has crashed basically.  Now, here's where things get weird.  If I launch it in Vista SP2 or XP SP3 compatibility mode, it launches and appears to run fine.  Not quite sure what about the native compatibility mode is having an issue.  This was not an issue with 1.2


      All that being said, I guess the really important question is am I losing any functionality (such as TRIM) by running it in Vista SP2 compatibility mode?  The new version of the management tools finish their job in just a few seconds, whereas before they would take an hour or more as I ran them weekly.


      If I am losing some functionality, does anyone know where I can download the 1.2 version again?  Or know why the toolbox is crashing in native Windows 7 mode?


      Thanks in advance for the help.  If there's additional information I could provide that would help, just let me know.