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    When will 8th gen CPU owner get a replacement CPU? My system is too sluggish for its 3500 euro price tag after meltdown/specrte patches.


      I bought my i7-7820x in November 2017 and if Intel disclosed what they knew then, I would never have bought this "high-end" (not anymore) system and just waited until October this year.

      It has become sluggish in use and I'm really ****** off. 3500 euro's for a new system down the drain. I need to run win 7 for business reasons and the user experience is terrible now.

      Windows 10 is not an option, i run win10 on VMware in win7 if I need it, thats the only way the software works that I need to use. I can only switch to win10 when they have a version I can buy without all the telemetry stuff, otherwise
      my PC cannot pass the security audit of my contractors. Catch 22 Microsoft won't sell a version for single employee companies, without telemetry. And even then it would be band-aid, I just want a CPU without this security bug.
      I can even out type my browser since the patches, it feels like my old pentium 4 in it's last days. I'm seriously contemplating replacing everything with a threadripper, because my PC is becoming unusable.


      I feel I should have the chance to replace my CPU in October with a CPU with hardware solution, for free or a heavily reduced price (-75%). And even before it become available for the general public to buy.