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    Valve Hammer Editor 3d select order issue


      I have a laptop, using a integrated graphics chip (intel gma  x3100) this chip as many compatibility problems with opengl, and just  for my luck Valve Hammer Editor (all versions) uses opengl, whenever i  try to select an object in the 3d view it just doesnt work, instead of  marking the object i want, it will mark the closest object to it, this  happens specially when i try to select brush based entities, i tried to  use Valve Hammer Editor without texture filter but its still the same, i  also tried to update the chip's driver (tons of times) and doesnt work,  anyone knows if theres a way to fix this?  This problem occurs only  under Windows Vista and Serven (respectively with Win Vista/7 drivers),  because under Windows XP (respectively with Win XP drivers) it works  fine - as in pictures bellow. It seem to be bug in drivers.