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    HELP  raid 1 lost after bios upgrade


      Hi, I performed a BIOS update on a GA-EX58 mainboard and I lost the 2-disks raid 1 I had. When I checked the BIOS I noted that it removed the RAID mode on the SATA and put it to AHCI. I changed it back to RAID but when entering in the Intel utilty (ctrl+i) I sow that all my disks are marked as non-RAID disk.


      The raid 1 was composed by 2 4TB disks. Please find attached the system report from Intel RST (the disks are the one on ports 4 and 5). I had to put back the BIOS to AHCI otherwise I was unable to start windows.


      Windows (in the disk management) is seeing these disks as "dynamic"  and INVALID.


      What shall I do in order to recover the data?


      I tried to connect one of the disks with an USB SATA reader but windows cannot see it.