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    Error on Unity with D415


      Hi, I tried to the unity wrapper from the sdk but when I launched it, I have an error and don't see any screen from the camera.

      To install it I follow the documentation on librealsense/wrappers/unity at master · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub




      In the console my error is :

      Exception: Failed to resolve request. No device found that satisfies all requirements

      rs2_config_resolve(config:00000000174248C0, pipe:0000000017424700)

      Intel.RealSense.Helpers+ErrorMarshaler.MarshalNativeToManaged (IntPtr pNativeData)

      Intel.RealSense.Config.Resolve (Intel.RealSense.Pipeline pipe)

      RealSenseDevice.Awake () (at Assets/RealSenseSDK2.0/Scripts/RealSenseDevice.cs:87)


      A the beginning I thinked it was a problem between my computer and the camera but when I launch Intel RealSense Viewer  I found my D415 as Intel RealSense USB2 and I only have Stereo Module avaible and no RGB Module. So what is the problem and how to solve it ?



      Thank you for your help.

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