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    Intel HD Graphics 630 latest driver distorts video clips when imported in Premiere Pro CC 2017




      As we know the most common fix when we get a distorted green with purple bars and scan lines after importing a non-corrupted video clip that plays without problem on any video player is by changing the video clip extension from .mp4 to .mpg or disabling hardware acceleration in Premiere. I was rushing a presentation earlier this morning, that was presented a few hours ago, when I encountered the problem but the recommended solutions did not change anything. Seriously, I know you know the hassle of something impeding your workflow when you're against time. At first I tried to export the clips just to see whether it was just Premiere's playback that was malfunctioning. I even went through the hassle of reinstalling Premiere. It was such a pain. Then I recalled, the previous driver displayed anomalies and glitches even when watching movies on my PC as well as issues with some games. With the latest drivers I have had no issues with games, just minor hiccups on videos when played back until with the problem I encountered earlier this morning. Cutting to the chase, I rolled back to an earlier driver and viola, I restarted Premiere and the issue was non-evident as if it never occurred. But that's not much of a fix, is it now? Well, I know there won't be any quick fix to this issue as of now, so I'm merely reporting that please look into it and include a fix when you release a new driver update. I don't know if it's an isolated case on my part.