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    Intel Graphics Card Support - 32:9


      I have an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400 card on a work computer.  I am interested in purchasing a Samsung Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio.  Will this graphics card be able to support that?


      I currently have 3 27" monitors connected to this computer.



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          Intel Corporation
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          Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Communities Team, ibz1021.

          Allow me to share with you that the Intel® HD Graphics 4400 should automatically adjust the aspect ratio for your display. Bear in mind that depending on the processor, the controller will support certain resolutions so please make sure your processor will support the resolution of the monitor you will get and the aspect ratio will be adjusted by the Graphics Properties. You can check the specifications of your unit on https://ark.intel.com/.

          Antony S.