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    RealSense 400 Series life cycle and future roadmap


      Hi everyone,


      At the RealSense Webinar today, the following details were revealed about the RealSense 400 Series, its life cycle and eventual successor..


      - The 400 Series will have a 3 year life cycle (2017-2020) and then the next-generation D600 will be introduced in 2020.


      -  Transition from the 400 Series to the D600 should be much smoother for developers than previous RealSense generations, with it being straightforward to upgrade their projects to the D600 generation.


      -  Companies are being encouraged to partner with Intel to provide middleware features such as skeleton tracking.  As more developers and companies provide middleware, it is expected that creating RealSense projects will become easier as user-friendly interfaces replace having to do a lot of programming.