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    No Intel adapters are present in this computer


      When I try to install the ProWinx64 software on my Lenovo Thinkpad T470 (machine type 20JM) running Windows 10 Enterprise, 64-bit, version 10.0 (build 10240) , it first shows "Installing network drivers for Intel Ethernet Connection I219-v". Then after about 10 minutes I get an error message which reads "Cannot install drivers. No Intel Adapters are present in this computer." When I try a different method of installation, namely, right-clicking the device within Device Manager and clicking Update Driver Software, and choosing any of the files within the NDIS65 folder (whose 'readme' file says that the files in that folder can be used to install the driver software on Windows 10 systems) I get the error "Windows found driver software for your device, but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V ."

      Lenovo tech support says they can't help since it's an Intel driver.



      The BIOS of the laptop has been updated to the latest version available from Lenovo.



      What can I do to get this (or some other working) driver installed, so I can connect to a wired network? Thank you.