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    My D435 may break down



         My D435 worked well at noon, however,  when I connected it to my computer again afternoon,  Realsense viewer could not find device,  and the device manager of my computer couldn't find D435 module either. I've tried connecting another D435, everything worked fine.  Before it went wrong, I used it to collect some RGB Images and depth maps, nothing looked abnormally. Is there any other researches meet the same problem? And I want to know what's wrong with my D435,and what should I do.




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          Have you tried unplugging the camera, waiting a couple of seconds and then plugging it back into the USB port with a quick, firm push?  I have found that the camera may not be detected correctly if it is pushed in slowly.

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            Thanks, your suggestion is useful, but why pushing in quickly can solve the problem?

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              I would speculate that when a USB cable is being pushed in slowly, there may be a point in the insertion where the computer is not sure if the device is being inserted or removed and gets confused about the device's status.  I have a game joypad controller like that which does not sit tightly in the USB port, and instead points at a slightly diagonal angle.  A pull on the cable during using the joypad can cause the USB connector to become further diagonal to the point where the computer registers it as having been removed, or does a disconnect and then a reconnect, even though it is still plugged in.


              A swift, firm push-in of the cable takes the USB connector quickly past the point where the computer may be unsure if it is in or out.