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    Screen Freezes and Black Screen occurs that lasts for a few seconds after Windows 10 Update


      My computer (Asus ROG GL503VD-FY093T) updated on March 15, 2018. After that, I experienced random freezes on my screen that lasts for 2-5 seconds and a black screen will occur after then resumes normally. I checked my Event Viewer and noticed a warning on my Display that states "Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered." which happened multiple times up to now after the update. I went to the store where I bought the computer and let them update my graphic card which is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050.  I don't exactly know what causes this but I assume it's the graphic cards.


      Laptop Specifications

      Model: Asus ROG GL503VD-FY093T

      Storage: 1TB HDD | 128GB SSD

      RAM: 8GB RAM

      Graphic Cards: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 | Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050


      Windows Specifications

      Version: 1709

      OS Build: 16299.309