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    Get infrared stream using C examples for D415


      Hi all,

      I am trying out the C examples (rs-depth) to get to get the depth and color streams using this:



          rs2_config_enable_stream(config, RS2_STREAM_DEPTH, -1, WIDTH, HEIGHT, RS2_FORMAT_Z16, FPS, &e);



           rs2_config_enable_stream(config, RS2_STREAM_COLOR, -1, WIDTH, HEIGHT, RS2_FORMAT_RGB8, FPS, &e);



      //extracting depth and color:

      if (rs2_is_frame_extendable_to(frame, RS2_EXTENSION_DEPTH_FRAME, &e) == 1) {

           //this is the depth frames

      }  else{

           //this is the color frames



      My issue now is I cannot get the Infrared streams because I cannot see something like RS2_EXTENSION_DEPTH_FRAME for the infrared stream.

      Any inputs are very much appreciated. Thanks.