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    Can I replace my 3700 ssd with a 4600 ssd?


      Is it possible to replace a 3700 ssd with a 4600 ssd?


      Is there any major differences between HHHL (CEM2.0) and HHHL (CEM3.0)

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Axel123,

          Thank you for contacting our support community. We understand your concern regarding the CEM versions. 

          We recommend you to check the following document. On page 21 you will be able to check the expected CEM 2.0 to 3.0 changes.  Also, CEM is backward compatible. 

          You can replace the Intel® SSD DC P3700 Series with the Intel® SSD DC P4600 Series. Just make sure that the motherboard has a PCIe NVMe* 3.1 x4 port for full performance of the SSD. If not, the SSD will work with the PCIe NVMe* 3.0 x4 speed since it is backward compatible. 

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          If you have further questions then feel free to contact us again. 

          Junior M.