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    A question on exact specs of Core 4700MQ, 4800MQ, 4900MQ




      I have an impression that exact specs of Core 4700MQ, 4800MQ and 4900MQ on ark.intel.com may be not 100% correct. There, the info on max HDMI and VGA resolutions is as follows:


      4700MQ: 3840x2160@60fps (HDMI), 2880x1800@60fps (VGA)

      4800MQ: 2560x1600@60fps (HDMI), 1920x1200@60fps (VGA)

      4900MQ: 3840x2160@60fps (HDMI), 2880x1800@60fps (VGA)


      so 4800MQ has the weakest scores despite that its integrated GPU is exactly as in 4900MQ. Thus the question is: is there a typo on ark.intel.com or are there actual differences between max resolution of these CPUs?