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    March 2018: Graphical glitches after installing latest Windows 10 updates on my laptop (problem with Intel HD graphics drivers)




      I have a laptop with Windows 10 and dual graphic cards (Intel HD Graphics 4600 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M) which I had not used for a couple of months but I need right now. As I turned it on yesterday, Windows Update forced me to install several "security updates" which took several hours. During the downloading and installation time I was able to use the laptop normally and everything was fine. However, after the installation required restart I started to have numerous graphical glitches visible on the screen which make it impossible to use the laptop normally (see attached pictures).


      It seems that the Windows 10 updated have messed up something in the Intel HD Graphics drivers or function since the only way to get rid of the glitches is to go to "Device Manager" and disable the Intel HD Graphics 4600.  I have tried installing the latest drivers from Intel Download Center (version 154037.4835 at the time of writing this message) and even tried with some previous versions to make sure it was nothing related to the latest driver version but nothing helped.


      I do not know what to do. Disabling the Intel HD Graphics 4600 at the Device Manager is only a temporary solution for me to be able to post this message and being able to see what is on the screen but I cannot use this computer normally like this. I have read about some old posts with a similar topic (back from 2015 or 2016) but none of the solutions provided there helped. I also tried using system restoration but apparently the only available restoration point was created immediately after those updates were installed yesterday and when restoring to it the problem persists. A relevant piece of information that I could take from the restoration point is that it showed that the programs affected by the Windows Updates installation were all related to both my Intel HD 4600 and NVIDIA drivers.


      I have also tried uninstalling the Windows updates that were installed yesterday. Unfortunately, I can uninstall all but ONE. And it seems it is the one that messed it up.


      I would really appreciate your help.


      Thank you.