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    Intel ICH9R - Storage Matrix - RAID 5 Degraded, Won't Boot


      I have a Intel ICH9R SATA controller on a PowerSpec S400, running the Storage Matrix 7.9.  After a reboot the server would not restart citing a Disk Error, Press Control Alt Del to restart.  No way out of that loop.


      I can get to the Cntrl + I Menu where I am presented with 3 bad options.   If the machine can't reboot, it can't heal the array.  Is there a way to force the array to heal while still in POST? 


      I also tried to use a Windows 2008 Server boot disk to maybe do a fixmbr, etc.  But the Windows installation cannot be found.   Do  I have to load PCI SATA drivers first?


      This is our unbacked up mail server.