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    Fail to restart stream with D410/RealSense SDK for Android on Intel UP board


      Hi, I setup D410 module on UP board with WIN10 and Android board.

      On WIN10, the tool RealSense Viewer can on/off the camera stream without problem.

      But with Android SDK running on UP Board, the camera get issue after the stopStreaming function been executed from streaming mode.

      Test procedure:

      1. connect D410 on UP board USB3.0 interface, run Android test AP.

      2. execute startStreaming, check stream out is correct.

      3. execute stopStreaming. Re-execute startStreaming, or restart test AP, won't get the same result as step 2.

      4. D410 usb will be unmount from UP board USB bus. Have to replug the D410 module in order to let the test AP work again.


      Anyone get similar issue? Thanks for any advice.