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    Intel dGPU: wrong colors on videos in Chrome




      I have noticed that when you hover above a HTML5 video (so e.g. video controls are overlayed), the colors of the video change significantly.

      The contrast increases by a huge margin.

      User parradox has made a video of this: videos changing colors - YouTube He has helped us to tell about it here: Re: dGPU Switch and Freeze Problem


      Please take a look at it as the color accuracy is not given like this.





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      Dell Inspiron 7577

      Hybrid or switchable graphics system?
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      Switchable, with NV GTX1060 Max-Q

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      16 GB

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      Windows 10 16299

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      not found

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      Google Chrome 64


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      plugged in

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      1. Open MP4 video in Google Chrome
        1. Only certain YouTube videos work, but all MP4 video in the default Chrome video player work
        2. This one works: HD - COLOR BARS HD.mp4 - YouTube
      2. Play the video
      3. Do not hover the mouse over the video, so the controls disappear
      4. You'll see the colors change significantly (shown similarly on the video linked in my introductory text)