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    Is there any conventional 4K video camera with a similar FOV as the D415? Or is there more documentation of the D415 lens geometry, such as its focal length?


      I want to record machinery demonstrations with the D415, and the depth sensing is great for the VR version of those demos. But, the traditional color camera aspect is (understandably) lackluster, especially compared to professional or prosumer 4k video cameras. I can easily build custom mounts, so I would like to get a 4K video camera with the same field of view and lens shape as the D415, and I believe I can record and save from both devices simultaneously and in sync. That would allow me to later merge the two sources together, using the depth sensing from the D415 with the higher quality video of the conventional camera.


      But in order to do that really well, I need to match the lens geometry. The D415 has a 77 degree diagonal FOV, and the closest that I've found to that is some of the GoPros, which have lenses with 75 degree or 79 degree FOVs. Those have the advantage that they are small enough that I might be able to mount one between the D415's sensors, which is the ideal position for stitching the images together. But, I've not found anything regarding the RealSense camera's focal length, which can be independent of the FOV. I also have not seen anything regarding the lens geometry, which can also be different. Is there any more information about these aspects? I believe I could stretch or squeeze an image a bit to fit the FOV, but any unknown values would cause major distortions that would be very difficult to resolve. I sure someone at Intel knows the answers to these questions, as they wouldn't be able to make the camera or their software without that knowledge.