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    Intel i210 IT NIC card support on ARM platform




      I am trying to work with intel i210 IT NIC interface card on ARM platform for AVB development using modified IGB AVB driver provided by OpenAvnu.

      This card is working fine on Linux based PC with modified IGB AVB driver provided by OpenAvnu community. This card has PCIe x1 connecting interface.

      Please find the below link for more product description.


      Please find the link to modified IGB AVB driver maintained by OpenAvnu.

      OpenAvnu/kmod/igb at master · AVnu/OpenAvnu · GitHub


      I wanted to know whether this NIC card with IGB AVB driver compatible on ARM platform?

      Whether this driver is architecture dependent works only on X86 arch. Basic ping functionality is also not working.


      Please find the below link of product:

      Amazon.in: Buy Intel 9204CT Chip I210-T1 Single Port PCI-Express x1 Ethernet Desktop Adapter Online at Low Prices in Ind…


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