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    #HOT!# CPU ERR2 issue on intel S2600CW platform(Dual CPUs)


      Unfortunately, My S2600CW server restarted 2 times unexpectedly several days ago. I want to get the reason, my DB server is not reliable any more.

      From the BMC SEL Log, i found CPU ERR2 was noted. But there was no any other related SEL items about this issue.[Reset on ERR2 was enabled]

      No PCIE related SEL...


      Here is the BMC log:

      first time:

      From the SEL HEX log, (RID:0021), ED:81 02, i get CPU2 caused ERR2


      second time:

      Similarly, but i get SEL log ** ED:81 03, CPU1 & CPU2 cause the ERR2.


      But it's not enough to get the really root cause.

      Any experts can help to analyze the possible reason? Or how to get the root cause?


      BR// Marvin