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    Intel Aero Compute Board with Gadgetfs




      I am new to this Board and Linux and have encountered some issues with using the Intel Aero Compute board with Gadgetfs.

      I am using Unbuntu 16.04 with kernel 4.4.76 and yocto patch 1.3.1.


      The following are the steps I performed.


      On Intel Aero Compute Board

      modprobe gadgetfs

      mkdir /dev/gadget

      mount -t gadgetfs none /dev/gadget


      I used the example from Create your own USB gadget with GadgetFS

      Only changing USB_DEV "/dev/gadget/dwc3-gadget" in device.c


      When I connect a laptop to the Intel Aero Compute Board, the laptop is able to enumerate the device and recognise the endpoints.


      However, when I run the host program on the laptop, I am unable to perform a bulk transfer to the Intel Aero Compute Board.


      May I know if the gadgetfs is supported or if there are known issues.


      Any help is appreciated.