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    MSI 7A63 Carbon Pro unable to see Optane 32gb


      Hi. I have a MSI 7A63 MB with Intel 7600k. Last BIOS and drivers installed. I bought an Optane 32Gb memory module to install. I realized that I needed to upgrade to Win 10 (from win 7). I did that (not fresh install to not loose my data and apps). Then I saw I needed to change from MBR to GPT UEFI. I did that too. In BIOS the Optane is listed in the storage screen and I enable raid/Optane and remapping the M.2 slot in with Optane is. I set the Optane Genie option to ON and I start window  in EFI mode (this is checked in MS32Info app in windows too). I can' see the module under RST Intel devices in BIOS or in diskpart CMD app in windows. I installed Optane app and drivers and later the RST app and drivers. Windows says my sister is ready but Not Optane is detected ( there is No memory in device manager, diskpart or Diskmanager apps. I started to think the module is bad. Can you help me troubleshoot this please!